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                        If you live in or near Lamoille County, VT:

Ed's Internet Surplus & Yard Sale
Email us with inquiries at ed@loewenton.org,  but please no phone calls.

All items sold as-is, cash sale only, no returns. 
 Payment  by Visa/Mastercard, cash. Some items can be shipped. Others, local pick-up only. 
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CRAFTS and MANUFACTURING SUPPLIES: tools, machinery, materials, packaging, supplies.

Rockwell Model 70-400 20" Drill Press - 22" x 19" table - 1.5hp 3ph motor, 5-speed pulleys, with 3 chucks and acccesories. A rare treasure from the best years of American machinery

Peter Childs Coil Grip Chuck for wood turning - A classic, rare device for easy and secure mounting of hollow turnings.

Grivel 12-point Crampons - top quality, like new, for mixed surface, steep slope winter hiking.

Heavy Metal Magazine Collection
1977 -  1998    115 issues
The American magazine of illustrated science fiction and fantasy, known primarily for its blend of whimsical, psychedelic, funny, and dark creative fantasy, science fiction, and erotica.
Most of the artists and authors were Contintal European or South American. Topics covered ranged from the existential and metaphysical to post-Stalinist eastern-European politics to swords, heroes, naked women, space-ships, and dragons. Page has complete list of issues and prices. Prices are broadly negotiable. 

Big Pine Toy Race Cars
Heavy solid pine cars weigh about 3 pounds. Hand-painted red or blue.
A great toddler's gift!

Solid Maple Hardwood Baker's Rolling Pins
These hand-turned solid maple rolling pins are the right size and weight for serious baking.
Available: one perfect, new piece, including wooden storage hanger; 3 imperfect, with some degree of lumber defect.

Sheet Music from the Early 20th Century -
* Big Band arrangements from the 1930s: complete and partial arrangements of more or less well-known latin and swing jazz pop tunes.
* Music for solo piano: Classical, classical and jazz methods and advanced exercises, pop and Latin stylings and improvisations, some by famous pianists.

A Treasury of Wooden Materials and Work-in-Progress -
For Woodturners, Woodworkers, Carvers, Hobbyists, Crafts, and Flea Market dealers. Wooden parts and raw materials for toys, household items, and whatever you convert them into, and hardwood lumber  squares, boards and shorts.

Abrasives for woodworking: #80 Grit Garnet Sanding Cloth, fine sandpaper sheets

Wooden Growth Charts - 44" x 5.5" x 3/16" hardwood plywood, 4 color hand silk-screened.
$4 each. Cheap enough in larger quantity to use as lumber for projects.

Cherry and Leather Table or Desk Top -
   This 30" x 60" desk top was included as a spare for a modular officer furniture set. It is new, unused, still in original packing. Use it to build a table, desk, or other furniture.

One-of-a-kind Handcrafted Cherry and Ash Hardwood Lamps
A foot and a half tall, 17 and 19 pounds, custom finished hardware
Not "yard sale" stuff - serious inquiries only, please. Discounted price for decorators, architects, other resellers.

Clothing: Men's Corduroy Pants
In excellent condition - good prices

Collectibles: Ceramic, Glass, Silverplate
Interesting items from the 1800s to mid-Twentieth Century. As priced, or make offer.

Velcro 1-piece D-Ring Fasteners: 2" x 7" Velcro fasteners have hooks and loops on same piece, D-ring for maximum tightening power. Very strong holding power. $.50 each, make offer on quantity. Total lot approx. 400 units.

Lamp bases
A box full of small mahogany lamp bases, approx. 7" tall x 5" diameter, variations on classic Chinese Ginger Jar shape.  This is REAL African mahogany - good stuff.  All you need to do is sand, varnish or lacquer, add electrical parts. Some need sanding, best done on  wood lathe. 
This is a perfect woodturner's project!

Woodworkers, craftsmen, hobbyists:  A variety of specialized toy parts and unfinished items, all sorts of hardwood shorts and partially machined pieces and toy parts. Good, stable old lumber. Come over, look around, make an offer. Drill bits, router bits, etc.
Of interest for Christmas craftspeople: Parts to make WALKING DUCK PULL TOYS. Instructions will be provided! Originally sold in toys stores for $200!

PLUS - grass rug, Edison cylinder phonograph (works but needs restoration), set of unread and mostly never opened illustrated art history books, hammock, very old fashioned handbags, odds and ends of old costume jewelry, some free but useful items, LOTS OF BOOKS, and whatever else we find as we clean up.