Solid Rock Maple Baker's Rolling Pins

Here's a unique gift choice for the holidays:
These hand-turned solid maple rolling pins are the right size and weight for serious baking.
The weight of the pin provides the pressure for rolling the dough - no need for applying extra muscle.
Handles fit the hands comfortably.

They were designed with help from a cooking school in Marblehead, Massachussetts in 1978, and made in Morrisville, Vermont until the mid-1980s.
There are only 4 remaining: one perfect, new piece, that comes with a wooden bracket for storage (bottom of photo), and three with some degree of lumber defect, not perfect, but still an ideal choice for cooks and bakers.

Total Length: 24.75"
Diameter: 2.75"
Working length largest crust or dough sheet: 15.25"
Weight: 2.75 pounds
Price: $45 for factory perfect pin with hanger; $15 to $30 for the seconds

For more information, contact Ed Loewenton:    More Items for Sale 

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