Peter Childs Coil Grip Lathe Chuck for Wood Turning
Safe positive grip face plate for hollow turning

 Rare, classic chuck safely grips spindle and hollow work, infinitely varied uses with your shop-made wooden face plates and jigs.
Replaces 4-jaw chucks and many other types of wood lathe holders.

Innovative coil-spring chuck design was invented in 1972 and is no longer being manufactured, as far as we can tell. The one for sale here was purchased in 1975, used for 25 years, and has another 50 years of useful life in it.

Workpiece is started as a spindle turning, and a flanged disk is turned at the bottom.  This disk is inserted into the chuck, which is tightened around the wooden flange, causing the spring to contract and producing a solid grip that holds large pieces safely. Includes wooden hand sanding jig for disks available separately.

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Workpiece, jig, or custom wooden faceplate is made as part of a spindle turning. Tightening the chuck draws spring inward to grip firmly.

This wooden fixture is used for rapid mount/dismount of toy wheels to hand sand rough edge. Center pin locates workpiece, steel dog provides rotation. Workpiece is held in place by gentle finger pressure. Available separately.
All the parts of the chuck, plus the jig shown above.
Note flange at right of jig  - nominal diameter 3.5". Workpiece will be centered as spring is tightened. Thread is 1" - 8 tpi, standard for popular lathes such as Delta.
Disassembled chuck, with wrenches (supplied) and wooden jig

Walnut goblet. Basic shape was made as regular spindle turning, then mounted on coil grip chuck to complete cup.