Surplus Hardwood for Woodworkers, Woodturners, Woodcarvers
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For Sale: Partly finished wooden toys and household items & experimental woodturnings made from premium aged hardwoods, finished game boards, unique hand-carved architectural elements, premium density-graded balsa for model building.
Odd and interesting shapes - practice your turning skills, transform them into crafts for sale.
A fascinating assortment of raw materials to stimulate your imagination.
Woodworking Professionals and Hobbyists, Artists, Carvers, Turners, Toymakers, Artists, Flea Market Dealers

Jigs, fixture, tooling for these parts may be available separately

For more information, contact Ed Loewenton:    More Items for Sale


Solid Maple & Mahogany Lamp Bases - Woodturner's Special

5" - 7" tall x 4" - 5" diameter.
     In 1978, we purchased a quantity of solid (not glued up) mahogany to make cute little lamps for toddlers' bedrooms.
     Some just need cleaning up and assembly with lamp hardware. Some need more extensive work. Variations of classic Ginger Jar design, require lathe and drill press.
     Assemble/finish them, sell them at craft shows and flea markets, or buy one for a gift.
Instructions available with your purchase.

42 pcs +/-
* 14 +/- pcs finished, drilled to accept lamp hardware and wiring.
* 28 +/- pcs various stages: rough, sanded/unfinished, no hardware channel (need drilling).  
Some bases have slight damage, may need additional lathe work and sanding.
Price: $3 - $8 depending on condition, size of purchase.  Lot price negotiable.


Wood-turner's Special:
Rock Maple Cylindrical Lamp Bases 

8" tall x 3/875" diam.

Ready to assemble with lamp hardware (not supplied). Suggestions provided.

Use these as is - just sand and finish with oil, lacquer, or paint. Much easier if you have a lathe and turning skills. You can finish easily or create your own design from these cylinders. Minor surface defects.

Price: $5 each.


Wood-turner's Special: Make a Tall Lamp - Rock Maple Cylinder w. center channel for lamp hardware.
18" long x 3.5" diam.
True up and sand or turn a decorative shape, then turn or machine a base to mount this ready-to-wire lamp base.

The maple lamps above were turned 2-up from these long cylinders. What else could you do with this? Make an LED lamp for horizontal wall-mount?

Price: $10  

Woodturner's Special: Walnut hollow stacks for making cylinders.

5" to 5.5" diam x 5." to 6" high, 3.5" i.d.
: 8 (some minor defects)
Price: $8 +/- depending on condition, quantity purchased
     Glued up from drilled boards (below). They were converted into barrell shapes with scraping techniques to accept porcelain inserts for mortar & pestle sets.

    Chuck for lathe mounting is available, for sale.

Drilled Black Walnut Boards for cylinders

5.5" sq x 3/4" thick, 1" hole for lathe mounting.
Quantity: 5
Price: $1/pc

5.5" sq x 1.375" thick, 3.5" diam. hole
Quantity: 7
For making the cylinders above.

Good dark heartwood Walnut. Many other uses - picture frames, for example.


Black Walnut drilled boards for cylinders, photo frames, etc.

4.375" wide x 1.375" thick, 4.375" length per hole
3" diameter hole.

Quantity: 12 holes total = approx. 50 linear inches.

Price: $1 per hole or make offer.

Originally made for glued cylinders for ceramic lined beer mugs. Directions available.
For more information, contact Ed Loewenton:

Machined Maple Rounds or Dowels  - 
8.625" x 1.875"
Total Available: 109 pieces
57 pieces machined, turned, and sanded, with coves and flats, a few w. radiused-dyed ends, few imperfects.
52 pieces turned and sanded, with flats, no coves.
An additional few that are turned to diameter, rough, not sanded.


$1.50 - $2.50/pc depending on finish, defects.
10 for $12.50 (half each kind)
20 for $20
These hard maple rounds were made in 1991 for a building block set called Giant Steps.
Retail price in 1991 for set of 13 was $180.

Suggested uses:     Toy airplaine fuselages, trains or trucks. Add wooden wheels, attach pieces for cabs, flat pieces for wings, etc., Use with red wheels (above) to make walking vehicle (directions provided with purchase).

Precisely made -  these can be stacked on end several feet high on a level surface.
     The machining process employed a complex set-up of semi-automated tracer lathe, table saw slicing jig to cut the flats, and drill press jig to drill out the coves.

Red Wooden Wheels, painted, drilled - 155 pcs.
Originally made for a "walking vehicle" pull toy.
2.75" diameter x 1.375" thick.
4 Radial holes and axle hole are .5" diam.
Could be made into a construction toy. Combine with maple rounds for wooden train cars, walking vehicle. Basic design for walking vehicle available on purchase. Many other uses, e.g.: kitchen drying rack or paper towel holder.

$.90 each
$3.00/5 pieces
$5.00/10 pieces
$54.00 for lot of 155

Pine Race Cars
Approximately 12" long x 3" wide, solid, heavy (approx. 3 pounds). Multi-coat hand-dipped enamel is very hard, durable. 1.5"-thick Cherry wheels spin  freely so cars scoot along fast. 2 cars have hand-turned drivers, 2 do not.  $25 each.


Hollow Maple Disks  - 3.125" diameter x 1.06" thick

Total Quantity: 87
* 50 pcs sanded, radiused edges, with .5" hole:

* 37 pcs less finished, most with .25" hole:

* Few pcs w machine defects, damage

Price: $3.00  Less in quantity

Made for a teething rattle in 1992 (center bottom image).  .25" hole was drilled out to .5", hollow filled with BBs, dowel inserted and drilled balls glued on ends.

Use for rattle, noisemaker, toy car wheels. Suggested uses with purchase.

Rock Maple Rounds:

25" long x 3" diameter.
   These turnings were to be finished as baker's rolling pins, but a machining error left each with a flat area.

$7 each
2 for $12.00

If you have a lathe, you can make 2 front legs for a bench or stool.  Many other potential uses.

 The maple lumber alone is worth more than the price. 


Cherry Panels - air-dried, unfinished
5" x 2.875" x 1/16"

Quantity: 470 (estimate - counted by weight)
Price: $.12/pc, make offer for lot

Made for a construction toy.

Clean, sound cherry wood.

Suggested uses: Shingles for a doll house, decorative painting, crafts, many others


Woodturner's Special!   Woodturnings - odd or experimental.
Put these on your lathe, turn something attractive, unique, or just strange. What do these look like in your mind?

Pedestals on sticks:
Originally used for a craft show fixture for displaying lamps. Really nice walnut and maple. 
12"=18" overall length, plates 5" - 5.5" d.
Quantity: 5
Price: $3 each.

Odd-shaped Cherry turnings:
Trying to extend design ideas for turned lamp bases. Our failures are interesting, and still have plenty of wood left for you to chop away at.
Piece at left is 12"h x 7"d.
Multi-center eccentric turning (r) is 16/4 block, 12" high.
Price: $5 each


In 1990-1991, we made and shipped a quantity of shatter-resistant Rock Maple and Plexiglass Crib Mirrors with lacquered, natural-finish solid hard maple frames.

     The design idea was that it should look just as good from the back as from the front.
     It was designed to hang horizontally in a child's crib, or vertically on the wall. Retail price in 1990 was  $32.

    The complete product consisted of 4 pieces: a wooden panel, a breakage-resistant plexiglass insert, and 2 Velcro straps for attaching the mirror to the bars of the crib.

     Some also had a patented hanger for hanging the mirror verically on the wall.  Most for sale here have just a through hole for mounting on wall.

There are 3 types of items available for sale:

1. Complete assembled mirrors, including straps, ready to use in crib or on wall.
Quantity: 10
Price: $15 each, lot price negotiable

2. Wood panels only
18 3/32" x 12 1/16" overall
9" x 16" relieved area, with slots for velcro attachments.
Relief depth  .25" 
      a) 2 each imperfect, with holes for plastic hangers
      b) 14 each perfect, with thru-hole for hanging
      c) 2 each perfect, with plastic hanger
Price: $6 each, lot price negotiable

3. Plexiglass mirror inserts -
14 13/16" x 8 13/16"
Quantity: 12
Price: $3, lot price negotiable


Suggested Uses:
* Use the plexi mirror inserts to make your own mirror.
* Assemble the wood panels and plexi pieces into complete mirrors.
* Use the wooden panels to make tiled trays or hot-serving boards. Fill the relieved area with broken tile or glass pieces cemented with grout. Install rubber feet on backside (bottom) of tray.


Woodturner's Special:
White Oak Pedestals

Made for a craft show display in the 1970s from a solid white oak beam.

Finished with linseed oil. Interesting grain, with checking, knots, a few dings.

17.5" h x 6", 6.25", and 6.25" diameter at bottom.

Price: $10 each, all 3 for $24

These are a bit dirty. Re-surfacing recommended. Use coarse sandpaper or scraping to clean surface, possibly alter shape.  Wood is extremely hard, heavy.

Uses: 3-legged table (especially glass-top), lamps (battery LED - end-grain drilling would be very difficult). What do you see in these?

Carpenter's/Builder's Special!
Carved Column and Bases from Mexico

These were hand-carved from logs in Mexico in the late 1970s. Species is some kind of pine, judging from the smell of the soft wood. Most of the pieces we had were made into a large dining table.

These pieces are rough, apparently carved free-hand, and dimensions and squareness are approximate. Some damage on base "B". They need a thorough cleaning from 38 years' storage.
Some work needs to be done on all pieces to produce finished items.

At right:
Base "B" (left) - 31.5"l x 9"w x 9.5"h
Price: $25

Base "A" (right) - 34"l x  9.5"w x 9.5"h
Price: $30

Column -  30"h x 9" sq (diam)
Price: $45

Lot price negotiable.

Top: Base "A"
Bottom: Base "B"

Wooden Game Boards

12" x 12" x 3/4" solid maple.

9 x 9 holes (81 total) fit 5/8" pegs - a few red and blue pegs available. All have lacquer sealer coat.
Made for a game called "Four Dragons" (ages 12 up).  Instructions are still available.

Quantity: 12
Price: $4.00  Lot price negotiable

Uses: Play "4 Dragons", invent your own game, or glue marbles into the holes and make a trivet for hot dishes. What else can you do with these?

Wooden Game Boards
6" x 6" x 3/4" solid maple.

5 x 5 holes (25 total) fit 5/8" pegs - a few red and blue pegs available. All have 2 coats of lacquer.
Made for a game called "Ntangle" (ages 7-adult).  Instructions, packaging still available.

Quantity: 29
Price: $2 Lot price negotiable

Uses: Play "Ntangle", invent your own game, or glue marbles into the holes and make a trivet for hot dishes. What else can you do with these?



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