Grivel Air Tech 12-point Strap-on Crampons
for Winter Mountaineering and Hiking on Ice and Snow

     When a mountaineering trip takes you across varied terrain, these crampons are just right. Grivel Air Tech Crampons use shortened underfoot points and full-length front points for comfortable walking combined with aggressive traction for the steepest ascents.

* These crampons are practically new - used only a few times.
* Simple strap design works with any boot, and allow for fast and easy on and off.
* High-Chrome Alloy steel holds needle sharp points for ease and confidence on ice.
* Horizontal front point provides better stability in steep snow and mixed snow-ice
* Tool-less length adjustments allow the Air Tech Crampons to be used on several different boots.
* Anti-balling plates prevent snow sticking to the bottom

PRICE: $100.00   Compare with new at $150+
Shipping available - not included in price.

ALSO AVAILABLE: Old-fashion steel instep crampons for safety on icy sidewalks. See photo below. 
ONLY $15.00


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PRICE: $15