Lamp bases - a box full of small mahogany lamp bases, approx. 7" tall x 5" diameter, variations on classic Chinese Ginger Jar shape.  This is REAL African mahogany - good stuff.  All you need to do is varnish or lacquer, add electrical parts. Some need sanding, best done on  wood lathe.  This is a perfect woodturner's project!
$3.00 - $7.00 each depending on how much work is needed to finish them; or make offer on a group or all of them.
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Shown left to right:
unfinished maple lamp base, approx 8" tall, drilled and ready for electric parts; mahogany lamp base, unfinished (needs lacquer, sanding); mahogany lamp, lacquered - needs sanding to remove dings, re-lacquering or varnish.
Some bases are drilled, ready to install electrical parts.