Surplus Hardwood for Woodworkers, Woodturners, Woodcarvers
Page 2:  Rough Hardwood Lumber, Pieces, and Burls

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For Sale: Hardwood shorts, rippings, boards, partly finished wooden toys and household items,
odd and interesting shapes, Burls, and small pieces of rough hardwood lumber up to 4" thick.
A fascinating assortment of raw materials to stimulate your imagination.
Woodworking Professionals and Hobbyists, Artists, Flea Market Dealers

Price information for this page:
Rough lumber scraps are priced according to species and clean board-foot measure (reduced or no charge for badly warped lumber or for face or end checked sections). Burl prices by size and quality.

FEB, 2020: NOT MUCH LEFT. If you live in or near Morrisville, come by (call first) and look.


For more information, contact Ed Loewenton:    More Items for Sale 

Face-grain flat hardwood plugs, 3/4" diam. x 11/16" thick +/-   
240 Maple,  306 Walnut

(approximate - counted by weight.)

      Cabinetmaker's hardwood plugs for filling screw holes. These oversized plugs were made in our shop in 1977 for decorative use on a kitchen accessory.  Many pieces with good color and grain, especially in the walnut. Individually cut with plug cutter, not dowel cutoffs. Exposed face grain matches, finishes same as surrounding wood. Not tapered.
10 pcs: $4.00     11-25 pcs: $.30/pc
26-50 pcs: $.25     51-100 pcs: $.20
101-200 pcs: $.18     200+: $.15/pc
500+: $.13


Wood Carver's & Woodturner's Special:
Hardwood Burls.

Just a few small pieces left - might be good for small turnings or carvings.  If you live in or near Morrisville, you can stop by and look.
Price:  Make any reasonable offer!

For more information, contact Ed Loewenton:

  Hardwood Boards

1)  6/4 walnut natural edge plank, lacquered.
width: 10" max; Length: 70"

2) 3/4" maple shape, lacquered.3/4" x 9" (max) x 36"

3) Basswood 3/4 and 10/4, also some red oak, cherry, pine.

4) 4/4 rough maple boards, air dried old growth (approx 25 years). Rough, some knots, warping, some clear, straight.
4/4 x 70 x 4.5 (avg): 5 pcs
4/4 x  54" x 4.5" 2 pcs
4/4 x 70 x 6" 1 pc

Prices:  discounted current market board-foot pricing. Negotiable.


Big Box of Walnut

Mostly very good dark heartwood color, some small pieces with excellent grain pattern. For woodturning and woodcarving.

February 2020:  Very few pieces left, mostly smaller.
If you live in or near Morrisville, you can stop by and look.
Price:  Make any reasonable offer!

For more information, contact Ed Loewenton:

Hardwood rippings and squares

12" to 30", mixed species including maple, white oak, cherry, birch. 4/4 to 8/4 thick. Some great turning squares.

February 2020:  Very few pieces left, mostly smaller  or warped.
If you live in or near Morrisville, you can stop by and look.
Price:  Make any reasonable offer!

2 to 4 foot or longer length mixed species. Includes maple, 2x2" pine squares (originally for balusters for staircase), Southern Yellow Pine boards. Also an old-growth maple branch, approx 10-12 ft, intended as a railing or ???

White Pine Log
Approx. 63" length x 9" diameter.
Debarked, dried 20 yrs+.

There had been an ant colony living in it, which left evenly distributed holes. These could be filled with a metallized epoxy and sand before finishing. Adds a rustic look.

Possible uses:
Unique architectural element; bases for small cafe' tables; post for coat rack; carving, as a whole piece or cut into blocks. Stabilize with 3 cast-iron triangular legs?

Price: ???????????????
Balsa for flying model aircraft.
Top-quality contest grade balsa, selected for uniform density. Largest pieces shown are approx. 18" l x 4"w x .125" to .5" thick. Also a few utility grade pieces. Also shown: small amount of tissue, rubber motor strips (varying length, weight), assortment of strips.

Other odds and ends of supplies for balsa modeling: assembly pins, super-light wing-covering film, more.

Prefer to sell in one lot, but will consider selling smaller quantities.  Make an offer!
Hardwood Lumber Prices (from )
All prices are for rough, select or better, per good bf, retail.  Negotiable discounts will be applied depending on size of purchase.

Hard Maple:
4/4 - $4.80
5/4 - 4.95
6/4 - 5.15
8/4 - 6.05

Black Walnut (3.16#/bft)
4/4 - $9.40
5/4 - 9.55
6/4 - 9.75
8/4 - 12.40
10/4 - 11.25
12/4 - 12.00
16/4 - 12.40

4/4 - $6.30
5/4 - 6.45
6/4 - 6.70
8/4 - 6.80
10/4- 8.60

4/4 - $3.85
6/4 -
8/4 - 4.95

5/4 - $3.55
6/4 - 3.65
8/4 - 4.00
10/4 - 4.50

4/4 - $4.66

Average Dry Weight of lumber
1 bd ft = .0833 cu ft

MAPLE: 45 lbs/ft3 = 3.75#/bft

Walnut: 38 lbs/ft3 = 3.16#/bft
  -- Qty small pieces @ $3.17/lb
  -- 40% disct for qty = $1.90/lb

White Oak: 48 lbs/ft3 = 4.00#/bft
Yellow Pine:
Cherry 36 lbs/ft3 = 3.00#/bft

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