Surplus Hardwood for Woodworkers, Woodturners, Woodcarvers
Page 3:  Hardwood Burls - details

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(Page 2 - Rough Lumber and Burls )
Page 4:  Wooden Wine Goblets, Beer Mugs, Other Vessels

Also For Sale: Hardwood shorts, rippings, boards, partly finished wooden toys and household items,
odd and interesting shapes, Burls, and small pieces of rough hardwood lumber up to 4" thick.
A fascinating assortment of raw materials to stimulate your imagination.
Woodworking Professionals and Hobbyists, Artists, Flea Market Dealers

Burl prices are determined mostly by esthetic potential (quality and complexity of grain and shape), also by size and condition.

For more information, contact Ed Loewenton:    More Items for Sale 

Small pieces: 3 maple pcs,  1 4"thick walnut.
Burl of exceptional grain & color. Remnants of larger pieces cut for bowls.
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