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Love Letters to MY VERY OWN® Rattle: A sample from the past 40 years!

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 Jodi (Oak Ridge, TN) sent us these photos with her comments: 
"Daniel has had his rattle since he was 2 months old. He's now 8 months and still sleeps with it At 2 months, he just looked at it. At 3, he started moving it in his hands. At 4 months, Daniel started chewing on his rattle,. At 5 months, he shook it to enjoy the sounds it makes.
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To Whom It May Concern,
     I am writing to you to inquire how to order or where to purchase My Very Own rattles.  I had been purchasing them at a specialty shop for several years.  The store closed and I have not been able to find the rattles anywhere.  I have been giving them as gifts for over five years.  I have several parents to be that I would like to give one to. I would appreciate your attention to my request.   Thank you.
Mary T. Erickson  [Central Pennsylvania]
Mary Reinertsen (Colorado), called  on 4/10/98 to ask if we could send information on any products in addition to  MY VERY OWN{R} RATTLE:  

"At 2 months of age, Nathan already could grasp and shake the rattle. He also liked to play with the ribbon. We tied it on tightly with a double knot. I wasn't sure about the age; but I watched him, and he seemed to be O.K. with it.
"Nathan started getting teeth, and he loves to teethe on the rattle. He's 7 months old now. He passes it back and forth between his hands and watches it. He has developed very good manual dexterity."

Photos (as with all our child photography) by Lawrence Jay Kennedy, Morrisville, Vermont)

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Did he hit himself when he started playing with the Rattle at such a young age?   

"I don't know. He might have at first, but it didn't seem to be a problem. If he did, Then he learned not to! "We're very pleased with the rattle. We're definitely a supporter and fan of your company!"

!!   Please note that we still recommend  MY VERY OWN®RATTLE
for infants five months and older
And we still say: 

And if that's not enough, here's a sampling of
the rest of the two decades !

The rattles have become regular "companions". Joe-Blume, Philadelphia, PA 

I already had one of my own, so I knew it was great. It was their baby's favorite teething rattle. Elizabeth Bird, Los Angeles, CA 

Perfect for every baby. Safe and practical. Kathy Cian, Brentwood, NJ

 Keep up the good work - I love your products.  
Donna Barone, Portsmouth, RI

I was recently in a small craft shop in Washington, DC, and bought one of your wooden baby rattles.  I was so taken with its simple construction and safety features that I immediately knew of a new baby to give it to.  I have decided I want about ten more.   It is a gift I can give to the babies in the homes of the clergy families
in this state (I am the wife of an Episcopal bishop). 
Helen McAllister, San Antonio, TX

I am writing to you to inquire where to purchase My Very Own  them at a specialty shop for several
years.  The store closed and I have not been able to find the rattles anywhere. I have been giving them as gifts for over five years.  
Margaret Erickson, Mechanicsburg, PA

I chose the Elwood Turner rattle for display in the "Families At Work" exhibit at the Field Museum for a couple of reason.   Your rattle is in the the section of the exhibit called "Teaching":, the main message of which is that parents, as their children's first teachers, exert considerable influence on their children by the kinds of play they promote, and the kinds of toys they provide.  I wanted to find a modern American rattle...  I'd hoped to find a rattle that was well made from a beautiful material, not some cheap plastic one just barely glued together. When I saw your rattle, the search was over!  Susan M. Curran, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, IL

Recently while visiting Manhattan, I purchased one of your beautiful heirloom rattles for my 10 month old baby grandson.  I am ... delighted to find this treasure for the baby in our family.  He loves it, my son, an excellent craftsman, loves it and so do I.  Thank you for giving us joy in watching our baby grow and develop
into a toddler. He now has an heirloom to pass on to his children.
Mary Lynn Keller, Portland, WA

We got one of your lovely maple rattles for our son.   It is such an exceptional piece of woodwork, we are hoping you have other items.
Jennifer A. McCarty, Atlanta, GA

Recently, my new son was the lucky recipient of one of your MY VERY
OWN rattles.  After having watched Patrick play with it, I am very
interested in selling your products in my store.  
David J. Hidding
Corporate Ties
Atlanta, GA


My daughter received one of your rock maple rattle - which we all like so much!  A clever, practical, and attractive gift.
Louise A. Stamelman.

My Very Own Baby Rattle is a super toy.  My 2 year old loves hers, and the clicking rings have a soothing effect on her. When baby finally does put it down it is a great adult toy, too.  
Angela Memmel, Patterson, NY

I'm writing to tell you how pleased I am with MY VERY OWN baby rattle.   I don't even have a child yet, but my fiance' and I had seen the rattle so many times in a local store that we had to get it.   We're keeping it safe for our first child...   Do you have a
list of other toys?  It's not often one finds a company that prides itself on such well-constructed, safe, friendly toys for children. Keep up the good work! 
J. Rowland, New Brunswick, NJ

I finally found your one piece maple rattle for my granddaughter, but I looked for 1 1/2 years - everywhere.   
Patricia Guy, Boulder, CO

I am delighted that I will be able to offer My Very Own Rattle to my customers and their children. 
Erin Drew, Stork Nest Naturals.

After receiving a beautiful maple rattle made by your company, I would like to see other products you have.   Laura A. Randol, San Antonio, TX

The two beautiful baby rattles arrived today.  They are indeed expertly crafted.  I am very am very pleased and honored to give such wonderful gifts to my friends who have recently had a new-born baby. 
Becky Johnson

Our son just received a beautiful rattle (one of yours) from his great-grandmother.  I have never seen anything like it.  Andrew loves it. 
Janet Toy, Stamford, CT

I just received your baby rattle & I'm very impressed with your beautiful work. 
Bonne L. Knepper, Pacific Beach, CA

Dear Elwood Turner                                 3/14/94
Ever since I have discovered you every child who has come along has had one of your rattles.  A new one is due on the 26th of March.   My oldest daughter is 51 tomorrow.  Her oldest (who is a Rutgers N.J. law graduate, as is his "fiancee"), has announced his wedding date - when more grands are born I will be ordering more.  This will make my 14th grand and many more to come.  I also have three great-grands and many more to come.  So you can see your company will have many more notes from me as time goes on.  Many, many thanks,
Marge E. Reilly
Mrs. Hubert E Reilly
Levittown, PA  19054

We recently received a "My Very Own" rattle as a gift for our first child.   It was the most unique gift we received.  Both my husband and I are avid lovers of natural wood products and we would like to express our delite with your rattle.   I have really enjoyed the My
Very Own Rattle I received as a present for my baby.  I would like to  have information on how I may order one for my friend's baby.  I wish to provide wooden toys for my child instead of the plastic things widely available these days.
Chris Williams, Centerbury, OH

AUGUST 2019 - A collection of the most recent comments from a website
5 star rating
Great rattle!
It is well made, beautiful, and feels great! It's going to be a lovely baby shower present.

Tatev H.
5 star rating
Very nice!
Our girl enjoys it. Awesome to touch and comfortable for a baby grasp. I love that the rattle is carved from one piece of wood!

Daniela L.
Beautiful detail and quality!
Our sweet girl loves this rattle! The detail is exquisite- each part of the rattle is smooth and rounded and has beautiful accents. I was super impressed by the quality overall and know it will be well loved by all our kids.

Hillary A.
5 star rating
Great gift!
This wood rattle makes a great gender-neutral gift for babies!

Mark L.
4 star rating
Excellent Quality Rattle
The rattle is true work of art. Wonderful piece of American craftsmanship. Would love to see you sell more USA made items.
Barbara M.
5 star rating
Heirloom quality toy
Thank you for providing a toy that can be used by infant siblings and passed on to the next generation.

Amy H.
5 star rating
So excited for our son to play with this toy. So well made and without paints or dyes. Thus rattle is beautiful!!!

Susan T.
5 star rating
Beautifully made!
So happy to be able to give this as a special gift!

Bryce C.
5 star rating
Beautiful toys beautifully made
The two rattles I purchased are so wondefully finished. Beautiful to behold, and hold! My little girl loves them. She shakes, throws, and mouths them with pleasure. That she keeps reaching for them over other toys is the best endorsement.

Suzy G.
5 star rating
I was so thrilled my son LOVES this rattle. It’s so expensive but it’s his favorite toy. Beautiful.
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