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The following applies to all material on all pages within the domain and/or, including all subwebs thereof.

All content on this website, including text and images, are the sole property and copyright of Edward Loewenton, or his heirs or assigns, except as specifically noted by other copyright or trademark attribution which may appear on certain pages.

Edward Loewenton (hereinafter referred to as WE/OUR) expressly prohibit, and will regard as infringement of copyright, any and all of the following, unless permission be granted in writing for each instance:
You may not  
1. reproduce by any means, including saving onto a computer hard disk or distributing electronically, any image of a human being, whether photographic or hand-drawn, contained in OUR website, for any purpose whatsoever.
2. Reproduce, by any means including print, photocopy, saving to electronic media, or electronic (email) distribution  any text or images for commercial purposes that are original to and/or, that is, do not originate from any other source or author. This acknowledges that WE use images provided to us with full use permission by our suppliers and other parties.
3. Frame any of  OUR pages or portions thereof.
4. Include within a page any of OUR pages or portions thereof, such that the content appears to be part of a website other than and/or, except that short excerpts may be used for  the purpose of journalistic reporting,  review, or quotation without written permission.  If such journalistic use is made, source attribution ( and/or must be displayed prominently with the material.  OUR material may not edited or altered, or rewritten  in any way, except to truncate to fit into available space.  The permission granted in this paragraph applies also to print and electronic media,

We grant explicit permission to visitors to our website to download and print or save to disk any of the essays or reports appearing on the ReadOnly Pages, and to excerpt  from them, without alteration or editing, for purposes of news reporting or their own enjoyment.  Reproduction of multiple copies on paper or by means of any electronic medium including disk copy, screen capture, or email distribution, of more than short excerpts is prohibited without written permission.  Such excerpts require that the user provide proper citation or attribution within or adjacent to the excerpted material.  No use of any of this material may be made unless authorship attribution, address and website address information, and copyright legend is retained and prominently displayed on any and all material downloaded from this site. Alteration or editing of this material is prohibited.  Use of this material without full attribution will be regarded as an infringement of copyright. Unauthorized Reproduction of this Material for sale or any other commercial activity is expressly prohibited.  Framing of any page on this website is expressly prohibited, is an infringement of copyright, and will involve legal consequences.

If WE allow any instance(s) of infringement because we have neglected to enforce OUR rights, we are not thereby waiving any rights of ownership claimed within this document, and may at our discretion enforce OUR rights for prior, present, or subsequent instances of infringement. 

As of January 1, 2013, the following registered trademark is the property of Edward Loewenton.:

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