An Evaluation of the Hazards of Toys and other Products made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
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Summary & conclusions

Lead in PVC
(What is vinyl plastic?)

June, 2002: Recent questions from our email inbox
Also - we get mail from a vinyl industry spokesperson.

Phthalate Plasticizers
November 1999:>
A discussion of the Koop Report Declaring PVC and phthalates to be safe

Other hazards


Authorship of this material

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Updated January 3, 2001
Our efforts to update the following lists are proceeding slowly but surely.  Manufacturers are slow to provide information; it's not the sort of question they like to deal with.  Fisher-Price/Mattel told us they "can't identify which of their infant items use PVC".  Other major toy makers have agreed to gather the data and get back to us.
Safety 1st, Inc. stopped using PVC for infant teethers over a year ago, according to consumer relations staffer Patricia Andrews (phone call, 1/2/01). 
Feb, 2002: Recent questions from our email inbox

Also of interest:
ACTIONS TAKEN BY GOVERNMENTS AND MANUFACTURERS CONCERNING PVC TOYS in the last 12 months   (to 12/1/99)  includes "REPORT CARD"(Dec, 1999) for toy manufacturers around the world: what actions they have taken, or pledged to take; who is using PVC for toys; who refused to provide information.

The following list shows a selection of toys which are known to be PVC or made of alternative materials. It shows, for example, that similar products are made by the same company both with and without PVC. Usually toys are NOT labelled as PVC or ‘vinyl’, or marked with the PVC symbol ("3" in the "re-cycle triangle"). Concerned consumers should ask the retailer or the manufacturer to confirm whether a toy is made of PVC or not.

Every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of this information, however, confirmation of toy materials was difficult to obtain. As a result, this is not a comprehensive list and some companies and ranges of toys are excluded. We chose the largest and most popular toy companies globally. This information is a guide and should be confirmed with the manufacturers themselves. Toys listed under the heading ‘non-PVC’ are not guaranteed as safe, only that they are not soft PVC , therefore are unlikely to contain phthalate softeners.    ©GREENPEACE USA

Recent updated list: infant products made of PVC
  Hard'n Soft Fruits Teether
The First Years/Kiddies Products
Pig and Cow Weebles
Barney Fun Time Baby Bop Doll
SofKey Teething Ring
Teether Album, Disney Babies
Playskool Baby Inc./Hasbro
  Silbiditos Tiger ("Tigger")
Disney/Arco Toys/Mattel
Soft Teether Keys
Nursery Needs/Sanitroy
Baby Looney Tunes Cooling Ring Teether
Cool Ring Teether by The First Years
Kiddie Products
Big Bird Soft Sports Car SS Soft Squeeze VEH/24
Disney Touch N Surp/4, Baby Minnie Doll
Gerber Nipples; Bright Clear & Soft
Hair Raising Angelica, Rugrats Doll AST/6
Mickey Mouse Vinyl Coverall; 100% PVC
Disney Babies, Evenflo Co.
Munchkin Spoon White Hot
Munchkin Inc.
Pooh Baby 1st Blocks
Arco Toys/Mattel
Sesame St. Tie Neck Vinyl Bib, Big Bird
Squeeze'Ems Elmo SS Squeeze Toy AST/24
Teletubbies Plush Po; red
Three Little  Froggies
Knobler, It.

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Name of Company Toys Containing PVC Toys without PVC
Ambi Toys,
Europlastic B.V.,
98 Jan Luykenstraat, 1071 CV
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
tel: 31 20 664 9601

US distributor: Small World Toys
5711 Buckingham Pkwy.
Culver City, CA 90230-6515
tel: 1-310-645-9680

  Fishy Friends 991 (polypropylene)
Ambi City Phone E593
Ambi Fish Wheel E393
Shape Sorter 888 (polypropylene)
Building Beakers 745 (polypropylene)
Ampa, Bebe Confort Activity Book, Soft Squeaking Duck, Teething Ring, Soft and Hard rattle  

distributed by Tomy
Wells House, 231 High Street
Sutton, Surrey, SM1 1LD UK
tel: 44 181 661 1547

US distributor: see Primetime

NONE; uses EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate)
instead of PVC

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Floor Roller CT403,
Activity Spiral CT404
Figure 8 Rattle CT507
Activity Wheel CT 402
Clutch Ball CT510
Chewing Rings CT508
Star Rattle CT509
Floor Spinner CT406
Battat Fun for the Tub  
Bieco Duck  
Blue Box Learning soft cubes  
283 83 Osby, Sweden
tel: 46 479 190 00

P.O. Box 1013
Germantown, WI 53022-8213
USA tel:1-800-558-6863

does not use PVC at all Bell Rattle 30052(wood)
Statale del Giovi Km. 7-22070
Casnale con Bernate (Como)
Italy tel: 39 31 382 111

UK: tel: 44 115 750870

991 US Hwy 12 - Suite 200
Bridgewater, NJ 08802
tel: 1-908-707-0766

Spain: tel: 34 92 041 3212
Germany tel: 49 6074 4950
France tel: 33 1 64610423
Pharsana SA, Switzerland
tel: 41 91 952741

Withdrawn in several European countries:
Softy Little Hand and Foot 61698;
Softy Vinyl Sweets 65783;
Le Posatone 61754

Still on market:
Vinyl Electric Cow 65242;
Music Dog 65239;
Music Horse 65244;
Bath Duckie 63152;
Orange Teether 64970
Softy hand and foot

Happy Color Soft Fabric Rattles:
Banana 65403
Bear 63638
Carrot 65284
Duck 63245
Eggplant 65285
Frog 63637
Lemon 65286
Rabbit 63246
Eaglet Industries Ltd, UK Vinyl Baby Toy, Soft & Safe, labelled vinyl  
Early Learning Centre, UK retailer & manfuacturer of own brand products Touch & feel garden friends, Made in China, 3 m +, vinyl Flap & clap octopus 6-24 m, vinyl head Humpty dumpty baby band set, 3 + m, vinyl Play ball, made in Italy, 9 m +, vinyl Riverside friends, bathtime ducks & book, 3 m +, vinyl Roller Polars, 3 m +, vinyl Marcus Mouse on the Move Old Macdonalds musical teethers
Early Start
distributed by
International Playthings
120 Riverdale Road
Riverdale, NJ 07457 USA
tel: 1-800-631-1272
NONE; uses EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate)
instead of PVC

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YoYoRattle PM 9742, Wiggle Worm PM 516,
Star Teether PM 9743, Tracking Tube PM 9556,
Red Rings PM 9554, Spinner Rattle PM 9531,
Star Rings PM 9744, Floppy Fellow PM 8802
Elwood Turner Co
1958 Elmore Rd
Morrisville, VT  05661 USA
NONE: uses unfinished rock maple My Very Own Rattle
The First Years
One Kiddie Dr.
Avon, MA 02322-1171 USA
tel: 1-800-225-0382

Old Police Station, 1st floor
Castle Street
Cirencester, Gloucestershire,
tel: 44 285 644 688

Cool Teethers: 1411, 1419, 1412, 1408, 1437,
1438, 1430
Soft Ducky 2029
Squeaky Ducky 2026
Hard 'n' Soft Animal Teethers 2041
Disney Squeaky Playbooks 2309
Curly Coil Teether, 3 m +, PVC parts
Busy Starfish 2188 (rings are polyethylene)
Terry Ducky 2180 (fabric)
Terry Jingle Ball 2152 (fabric)
Stack'ms 2123 (polyethylene)
Fisher-Price, Inc.
636 Girard Ave.
East Aurora, NY 14052 USA
tel: 1-800-432-5437

subsidiary of Mattel

For UK, Germany and the
Netherlands, see Mattel.

Animal Families 72901, 72902, 72903, 72904
Baby Baseball 1072 (Polypropylene & PVC)

Dolls with vinyl heads/arms,
legs - Mary Doll, Jenny Doll, Natalie Doll,
Audrey Doll, Baby Ann Doll, Mikey Doll,
Elisabeth Doll, Joey Doll, Honey Doll, My
Friend Mandy Doll, My Friend Jenny Doll,
Becky Doll, Muffy Doll, Billie Doll, Bobbie

Push/pull toys: Sunny Fish, Barky, Peter Pig,
Playful Puppy, Allie Gater, Ducky Flip Flap,
Struttin' Donald Duck

The Woodsey's Store (vinyl tree); Dancing
Animals Mobile; Squeaky Bear; Sandy Starfish
, Sam the Clam; Terry Tape, Amusement Park
Little People (vinyl play mat); Baby Activity
Table; Clatterpillar; Surprise Sounds Animals

Play Book Emma Speaks Up (with squeaky elephant), made in China, & Animal Families, dolls with vinyl heads, push/pull toys, etc.

Baby Basketball 71042 (polyethylene and
Rock-a-Stack 71050 (polyethylene)
Snap-Lock Beads 1055 (polyethylene)
Gerber Products Co.
445 State St.
Fremont, MI 49413-0001
USA tel: 1-800-443-7237

subsidiary of:
Novartis Nutrition
Monbijoustrasse 118
CH-3001 Berne, Switzerland
tel: 41 31 377 1111

Looney Tunes Lovables:
Cooling Ring Teether 76276, Rattle Teether
76278, Water-filled Soother 76594 & 78080
Teethers: Gem Collection 76124, Safari Pals
76580, Charms-on-a-Ring 76235

Clear and Soft Pacifiers 76155, 76164, 76159

Squeeze Toys: Darling Duckie 76330, Peek-A-
Pals 76350, Kiddie Kruiser 76354, Dippy Duck
Bath Toy 76374

Activity Doll 76308 (fabric)
Floating Bath Tub Buddies 76309 (nylon)
Golden Bear Products Ltd. UK,
Ragdoll Productions, licenced by BBC Worldwide
Teletubbies, Dipsy poseable figure - range of other teletubbies products, Made in China, 18 m +, most contain soft PVC parts  
P.O. Box 324 Garnerville, NY 10923 USA
tel: 1-800-544-6526
None. All toys are wooden
all Guidecraft toys are PVC-free; two for young
infants are Magic Eye Rattle GD1006 and Rolling
Rattle GD1001
Hasbro, Inc.
200 Narragansett Pk. Dr.
Pawtucket, RI 02862-0200 USA
tel: 1-800-242-7276

Hasbro International
2 Roundwood Avenue
Stockley Park, Uxbridge
Middlesex, UB11 1AZ UK
tel: 44 181 15691234

233 Rue de la Croix-Nivert
75015 Paris tel: 33 53681000

Baby Duckie 35304
Gloworm 5720 (PVC head; nylon body)
Very Soft Baby 5132 (PVC head)
Teethe 'n' Toy 33176
Soft Animal Teether Assortment 33161
Disney Babies Squeakin' Pal Assortment 33678
Disney Babies Teethe 'n' Travel 33199, Disney
Babies Hold 'n' Soothe Teether 33193

Darling Animals Teether
Happy L'il Fruits Teether
Soft Walking Wheels

Tub Pet Assortment 35235(fabric)

Clack'ems 35217
Floaties 35224
Roll 'n' Rattle Shaker 35220
Telephone Rattle Assortment 35749

Hello Baby Picture Book  
K Toys Supermarket, Yummy  
Kids II
1015 Wenward Ridge Pkwy
Alpharetta, GA 30202 USA
tel: 1-770-751-0442
Farm Friends Teething Toys 389
Musical Teether 3691
Quackin' Tub Toy 273
Scrub Buddies 114
Teether Friends 3891(ears are PVC)
Tub Toy 2165

Kouvalias, S.A.
25, El Venizelou Ave.
17671 Athens, Greece
tel: 301 95 67 520

US distributor:
International Playthings
120 Riverdale Road
Riverdale, NJ 07457
tel: 1-800-631-1272

NONE. All toys are wooden.


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All toys are wooden. Some baby toys are:
Musical Fantasy 961

Pull Along Toys:
Little Cricket 351
Multiwheels 815
Caterpillar 340
Silkworm 465
Octopus 661
Little Bee 391
Duck with Egg 810
Magical Daisies 670

Lamaze Infant Development
Learning Curve International
311 W. Superior St., Ste 416
Chicago, Il 60610-3537 USA
tel: 1-800-704-8697

distributor in Australia:
Playtime Toys
19 Citrus St.
Braeside, VIC 33195
tel: 613 958 780 00

LaMaze Infant Development

distributor in Canada:
Birgita's Import
282 N. Rivermede Rd.
Concord, Ontario L4K3N6
tel: 905 669 1570

distributor in Denmark:
Mini Horn
Lindevej 25, Vaerlose DK-3500,
tel: 45 44 98 89 95

distributor in Germany:
Theo Klein GmbH
Burgstrasse 14, Ramberg D-
76856, tel:49 63 45 40 80

Inflatable Drum 97301
Fill & Spill 97306
All other Lamaze toys are PVC-free; some of them are:

See & Sleep 7108
Inchworm 97104
Foot Finders 97202
Wrist Rattles 97204
Stacking Rings 97302
Peek-a-Boo Puppet 97308

Little Knotties
Moon Teether 97209 (EVA)
Soft Keys 97212(EVA)
Rattlebug 97213(EVA)

* EVA is ethylene vinyl acetate

Little Tikes, Rubbermaid, US Soft Zoo Friends, Made in China, 1 ½ years +, PVC  
Lorenz Heinz
Holz und Kunststoff GmbH, 45
Geretsreid D-82538, Germany
tel: 49 8171 62970


Austria - Davor Gubic
Switzerland - Pierre Bloch
The Netherlands & Belgium -

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Wooden infant toys
Manhattan Baby
430 First Ave. North, Ste. 500
Minneapolis, MN 55401 USA
tel: 1-800-541-1345
Sensory Teethers, RR 234, RR340, SS234,
SS357, EG590, EG234, SN586, SN234, TS234,
Sock Toys, RR896, SS896, EG594, SN585, TS600
Chime Balls, RR895, SS895, TS599 (fabric)
Martin Yaffe International, Manchester, UK, Ragdoll Productions, licenced by BBC Worldwide Vinyl Teletubbies & range of other teletubbies products, Made in China, 6 m +, labelled vinyl, plush figures also contain soft PVC parts  
Mattel, Inc
. 33 Continental Blvd.
El Segundo, CA 90245-5012
USA tel: 1-800-524-8697

Meridian West
Leicester LE3 2WT
tel: 44 1162826666

An der Trift 75, Dreieich
D-63303, tel: 49 61038910

The Netherlands
tel: 31 20 5030550

Toy Story Mr Mike
Blue Classic Pooh Dishes 6 piece dinner set,
Classic Pooh Baby Book Collection 1 & 2
Silbiditos Tiger ("Tigger") 66600
Infant Gift Set (star)
Infant Gift Set (head)
Infant Gift Set (squeeze bulb)
Baby Donald Squeak 'n Fun 66997
Squirt 'n Splash Elephant
Lion King
Jungle Friend Babies

Winnie the Pooh 'Peekin Friends', & others in the same range, Made in China, 24 m +

Mega Bloks/Ritvik holdings Inc, Canda Baby Soft Blocks - & 'teething toy', Made in Chinak, 3 - 24 m, soft parts PVC Baby Soft Blocks - & 'teething toy', Made in China, 3 - 24 m, soft parts PVC  
The Natural Baby Catalog
816 Silvia Street, 800 B-S
Trenton, NJ 08628-3299 USA
tel: 1-609-771-9233

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all Natural Baby toys are PVC-free; some baby toys
are: Ladder O-RAT-LAD (wood)
Roller w/ Bell O-RAT-ROLL (wood)
Ring Shaker O-RAT-RSHK (wood)
Cherry Wood Rattle T-MC-RAT (wood)
Heart Clacker T-MC-CLACK (wood)
Square Rattle T-S-SQUARE (wood)
Bead Baby T-BR-BABY (wood)
Wrist Rattles T-MV (cotton & wool)
Bath Fishing Boat T-VI-BOAT (wood)
Bath Whale T-VI-WHALE (wood)
Not-So-Rubber Duckie T-UT-DUCK (wood)
Soft Baby Doll T-TL-DOLL(fabric)
Playskool Baby, Inc. subsidiary
of Hasbro. See Hasbro
Animo Dentition
Funny Face Teether Rattle
Disney Babies Mickey Collection
Teether Album
First Rattle 5106

Gloworm (PVC head)
Baby Duckie
Very soft Baby (PVC head)
Teethe n'toy

Primetime Playthings
distributed by International
120 Riverdale Road
Riverdale, NJ 07457 USA
tel: 1-800-631-1272

Floor Roller CT403, Activity Spiral CT404, Figure 8
Rattle CT507, Activity Wheel CT 402, Clutch Ball
CT510, Chewing Rings CT 508, Star Rattle CT509,
Floor Spinner CT406
Safety 1st, Inc.
210 Boylston St.
Chestnut Hill, MA 02167
USA tel: 1-800-962-7233
01/03/2001: Safety 1st, Inc. no longer uses PVC for infant toys intended for mouthing. (Patricia Andrews, Consumer Relations) Bananas in Pajamas Wrist Jingles 93080
Bananas in Pajamas Foot Jingles 9381
Bank House, !st fl. 33 Thorpe Rd.
Peterborough, PE36 AB UK
tel: 44 1 628 828 292

347 Elizabeth Ave.
Somerset, NJ 08873 USA
tel: 1-800-777-0453

Lucky Ducks 02228
Musical Crawl-Along 03303
Infant Soft Blocks 02202
Cuddle Teether 04224
Cool Cone Teether 02306
Bathtime Squirties 72036

Summer Circus Seals  
Kongevejen 40
DK-2810 Holte, Denmark
tel: 45 424 25311

Pussy Cat line is 100% PVC free - made from
thermoplastic rubber.
Some baby toys are
animal teethers 7801, 7859, 7858
teddy bear rattle 7876
duck rattle 7878
trumpet rattle 7877
Tyco Preschool Magic Action telephone (Sesame Street), Made in China, 1 ½ +, soft parts PVC Range of other Sesame Street products  
Viking Toys AB
Industrigaton 10
S-38500 Torsas, Sweden
tel: 474 8641 260

distributed by International
120 Riverdale Road
Riverdale, NJ 07457 USA
tel: 1-800-631-1272

NONE; uses EVA instead of PVC

* EVA is ethylene vinyl acetate

Tugboats AV 4291
Large Bath Boats AV 4192
430 First Ave. North, Ste 500
Minneapolis, MN 55401 USA
tel: 1-800-541-1345
Discovery Teether W-23
Pattern-Play W-2
Peek-a-boo Play W-9
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CarMobile W-21(polypropylene)
Link-n-Play W-11A (polypropylene)
Nursery Novel W-13 (cotton)