Rockwell Model 70-400 20" Drill Press
3-phase 1.5hp Motor, 19" x 22" slotted table
5-speed stepped pully  -  #3 Morse Taper Spindle
Price: $1,100.00 or Best Offer


This Rockwell Drill Press is built for heavy shop production
and difficult setups requiring a stable, precise machine.
Includes 3 chucks: Jacobs Ball-bearing Heavy Duty, Keyless,
and milling cutter holder for super-precision.

including Roto-Phase 3-ph converter

1.5 hp Rockwell Drill Press weighs about 900 pounds, has the strength and stability for safely drilling larger holes in larger workpieces, and the precision to drill clean holes in fast production.  5- speed pulleys provide the right speed for every material. 19x22 table safely supports very large work.

Made during the great years of American manufacturing. This machine was in daily use in a production wooden parts operation, and is in excellent shape for many more years of work. Greasable parts help keep it in good condition.

Price includes T-Nuts for the slotted table, and a foot-operated pneumatic clamp for safely drilling small pieces, larger holes, or large, awkward shapes. C-clamps are still recommended when possible.

Pneumatic Clamp available separately

This machine cannot be shipped - must be picked up on site. It will require disassembly and some serious muscle. Weight is an estimated 900 lbs.

Set of 11 multi-spur Forstner-type drill bits, 3.375" special drill, and two 3.5" custom-made disk cutters.
* Shop-made vacuum clamp and chip extractor
PRICE: $300 or Best Offer. Will sell by the piece.

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Rockwell Drill Press, Model 70-400. Serial #1444508

Motor: 1.5hp 220v/440v 3ph

Magnetic switch with circuit breaker

5-speed pulley with quick-change release

Spindle to column: 10"

Table: 22" x 19", slotted for jigs and special setups.

Spindle travel (throw): approx. 8"

Total height: 72"

Weight: estimated 900 pounds

Crank and lock for adjusting table height.

Spindle stop allows accurate repeat hole depth

Spindle lock permits special set-ups and fast depth adjustments


Stepped 5-speed Pulley:
200 (300?), 522, 1195, 1725 (motor speed), 2500

1: Thermal breaker with reset

2. quick-release for changing speeds.

Crank allows easy raising and lowering of heavy (~100++ lbs?)

Very large height adjustments possible.

Foot-operated Pneumatic clamp allows safer, more secure setups. Includes inline air filter and pressure gage.

Keeps fingers out of the way, prevents larger drills from throwing the workpiece.
Package includes #3MT chucks:
Keyless Chuck
Milling cutter holder
Jacobs Ball-bearing chuck
Multi-spur Drill Bits (l to r):
3.375", 3", 2.625", 2.375", 2.125", 2", 1.375", 1.5", 1.25", 0.875", 0.9375", 0.75"
Well-used but expertly maintained and sharpened. Sharp, accurate, ready to use. Shanks fit milling holder to minimize runout.

Custom-made 3.5" diam disc-cutters:
Cutter on right used for years for rapid cutting of hardwood disks up to approx. 1.5 " thick. Smooth operation with properly clamped work.
Cutter on left does not work as well but it is yours to play with.

PRICE: $300 or Best Offer. Will sell by the piece.