A safe, chemical-free, non toxic handcrafted natural wooden baby rattle. Ideal wood infant teething toy for infants and babies 5 months and older. Pleasing Babies & their Grownups since 1979 - a true heirloom & American wood classic toy.
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My Very Own{R} Rattle natural wooden infant teething toy
MY VERY OWNŽ Rattle - Complete Information
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Natural Wood Infant Rattles

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  MY VERY OWNŽ Rattle is packaged in a PETG tube. This is the material used in most single-use (non-glass) water bottles. Since the child does not chew on or otherwise contact the package, in the absence of solvents (water or other liquids), the plastic package may be regarded as entirely safe for children.

  In its sealed package, MY VERY OWNŽ Rattle is as sterile as the inside of a tree -- probably more so, since much heat is generated in the  process of making them.  It is more nearly sterile than most other objects in a five-month-old's environment. 

 It is best if the rattle is not handled too much by other members of the family, and especially not by visitors. 

  It is even more important that the rattle not be handled by shoppers while on display, which is why we strongly discourage displaying the product out of the package.
  We supply a free "shopper sample" with initial order of 12 or more rattles. Samples may be bpught separately for $10.50.

  Some shoppers feel that any use of plastic is undesirable. However, the tube used to contain MY VERY OWNŽ Rattle is sturdy and re-usable.  See the cartoon below.