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March 19, 2005:
Hike to Sterling Pond & Watson Camp
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     Clare B., Ed L, Paul D, & Frank D. snowshoed up the Sterling Pond Trail (formerly a section of the Long Trail) to Sterling Pond & Watson Camp. It was another clear, sunny day with only a moderate breeze. 

We started with a walk up the Notch Road 
(rt 108) to Smugglers Notch, about 1 mile. There were plenty of walkers and skiers on this nice day. 

The traverse at the start of the trail had been filled in with snow and ice, so that short section was a bit tricky. It seemed there were more skiiers than hikers on the trail; in fact, I think we were the only hikers. 

Blazes near the bottom were strangeley sparse (compared to  one spot higher up where two

Ed, Clare, Dave, Frank on frozen Sterling Pond.
We decided to enjoy the sunshine on the Pond in both directions rather than stay on the trail to Watson.
freshly painted  blazes were about 10 feet from each other), so we felt for the more packed route, or just went what seemed the most sensible way at each point, even though we could tell from landmarks where the trail actually was. 

Dave & Ed at Watson Camp

Frank, Dave, & Clare.

Walking more or less east
across the pond, with a
view of Mount Mansfield. 

Back at the Notch Road on the way to our cars, we spotted some ice climbers on the cliffs. 
See Page 2 for images,

Page 2 - More images - ice climbers