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Sept. 4, 2004: Mt. Adams
Presidential Range, New Hampshire
Ed L, Paul D, & Theresa S got an early (8:30) start at the Appalachia Parking lot on Rt 16, taking the Airline trail all the way to the summit of Mt Adams. The trail climbs little for the first mile or so, then quickly gets steeper, until it finally breaks out of covering vegetation and provides a spectacular view of King Ravine on the right. As we passed tree line, our hot, cloudy, humid day turned to cold, increasingly windy mist.  We got an occasional glimpse into  King Ravine, but for the most part, there were no views.  Yup.  Another typical summer '04 hike: no rain, but no views either. 
Paul & Theresa on the edge of King Ravine
On the Gulfside Trail, below Adams Summit, we met an elderly gent, heavily loaded & northward bound on the AT near the end of a long walk. 
The summit was quite raw and very windy, so we descended to Madison Spring Hut for lunch.
(in the col between JQ Adams & Madison
As we left Adams' summit, of course the sun came out, leaving all the views for late arrivals. But it did make the boulder hopping a lot more pleasant and jolly.

Looking back up at Mt. Adams. We decided not to hike back up just to get a scenic photo.

After lunch, we decided against the planned 1/2 mile hop to the Madison summit, since as a group we were moving slowly, and I was concerned about the time. Madison Spring Hut is seen at the base of Madison. 
We returned via Valley Way, a second mistake, since by then the sun was out and any other trail would have provided views that the Valley Way, completely in brush cover, obscured. On the way down, we passed a group of sturdy young fellows carrying heavy loads of supplies up to the hut on primitive, rather painful-looking packs.  One of them was... creatively... dressed.  Faster reflexes would have gotten me a face shot showing the long blond hair and beard. Plans for next time include different trails, Madison summit, and a front view of the "porters". And sunshine, of course!