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September 24, 2005    Mts. Eisenhower and Monroe - Page 2 
A Panoramic photo of Mount Washington and surrounding peaks & ridges
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This image is a composite of photos taken from the summit of Eisenhower, with a direct line of sight to Monroe and Washington behind it. . The infamous coal-burning "Smog Railway" originates at the bottom of Ammonoosuc Ravine. We took the steep, wet Ravine trail going down. Mt Jefferson is seen at left, north of Washington, with its antennae seen on the summit. A train leaves a trail of smoke near the top. The view is straight along the Crawford path (at right), past an unnamed small summit, to Monroe, with Washington in the background. Davis Path leads along a ridge from Washington to Boot Spur, then south to Mts Isolation & Davis.   Oakes Gulf at right descends below Davis Path Ridge south from Lake of the Clouds (hidden behind Mt Monroe) into the Dry River Wilderness

ED'S OUTDOOR PAGES  and list of Trip Reports