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Fall, 2008: Vermont Images
Sunday, September 28:
    This has been a record-setting rainy summer - good for the trees! Color is reaching peak in north central Vermont, around Stowe, Morrisville (Turneroys' home town) Montpelier (State Capital). 
    We have had time to take just 2 photos.  If you can get here between now and next weekend, you can take your own. 
Wednesday, October 8:
South of Montpelier, the color is still reaching its peak. You can still get here in time! Looks like a nice weekend coming up...
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Natural Wood Infant Rattles

Wooden Growth Charts

Lake Elmore, just 5 minutes down rt 12 from Turnertoys.

Red trees on Upper Mountain Rd  (even closer)
Foliage this year is every bit as good as 2004 - maybe even better! 
See 6 pages of 2004 photos.