ROCKING DRAGON - Toddler's Rocking Toy - Original Prototype
A work of art and handcraft, made by Elwood Turner Co. of Morrisville, VT in 1983 
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Original artwork, handpainted by local artists, was inspired by the traditional Chinese Water Dragon, or Lung.
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In 1983, the Elwood Turner Company in Morrisville made 12 of these Rocking Dragons. All were sold to shops in New York City.  The one shown at left is the original prototype, permanently assembled rather than knocked down for shipping, as were the production models.

Construction is 3/4" plywood; it is air-brushed and hand painted on an enamel base. The paint does need some touching up, due to an accidental spill in the shop years ago. 

The seat is partly enclosed, to make a more secure toy for younger toddlers. Rockers have safety bumps to prevent tipping.

This cartoon-like dragon captivates and excites all the children who have seen it or one of its 12 siblings.

$100 or Best offer

Come see it (appointment only) in Morrisville. I will not ship this item.
For more information, contact Ed: 
For more information, contact Ed Loewenton:    Morrisville, VT 05661